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About totally family - what makes totally family different?

If you have ever tried to plan your family holiday online, you know what problems you face, information not available, clear pricing, lack of help when you need it, nothing is easy to use and much more.

At totally family we understand, as we have faced all these problems ourselves, we have families and we know it can be daunting when trying to balance getting the best value and not making a mistake when securing your holiday. Sitting down with a travel agent seems the easier option, but you know that friends (usually couples without kids) smile as they tell you about the great deal they got online.

Sadly, they are right, if you are a couple, finding a holiday online could not be easier, most sites you see are built for couples, some don’t even offer you the option to enquire about children.

We know this is wrong and that’s why we have made this site, where families are thought about and where everything is available to make finding and booking your next family holiday easy.

So what makes us so different?

Well firstly, all we offer is family holidays, and as simple as that sounds, what will surprise you is that we are the only UK family holiday price comparison site.

But we are so much more than that, price comparison sites offer quick prices that are rarely available, we do so much more.

We ensure that we offer two ways to view the deals you see, per adult and per child price and totally priced, so you know what the cost of your family holiday will cost before you contact one of our travel partners, all you need to check is availability and if the flights are suitable for you.

We offer different ways to search, if you have a date in mind, simply use it as you would any other site, but what we are particularly proud of is out school holiday search.

Our school holiday search allows you to check you kids school dates, choose your school, choose the term holidays you want to check and press search! Here you will see the full holiday period and the cheapest price available every day! We put you in control of finding the perfect family holiday.

This mean you can find out If a day early is cheaper or ten nights is cheaper than seven, its all available to you at a click of a button.

But what about single parents and larger families? Surely I will have to call about under occupancy or larger accommodation to fit your family, the simple answer is NO, a family is a family how big or how small, we make finding the most affordable holiday available, available!

And last but by no means least, we have totally family values

These are not just words to us, we have families, we made this site so we could use it for ourselves and make it beneficial to everyone.


We will make it fun.

We will make finding your next family holiday easy and stress free.

We will ensure that the holiday you choose will be the best value.

We will continue to improve our search site by working with you and your family.

We will ensure our travel partners spend time working with you to plan the right holiday.


To be the champion of family holidays.

To be the best and most trusted travel price comparison site by all families.

To create and grow our family price comparison site together.

To offer the most comprehensive selection of family holidays online.

To commit to offering great service for every guest who visits us.

To ensure that as we grow, we are ever friendly, caring and open to our guests.


We make sure that our partners provide protection for your monies while booking your family holiday.

We care about your family and the experience you have on your journey with us.

We will never take profit over service with our guests.

We care about what people think of us, both our guests and our travel partners.

But don’t let us be the judge, totally family was made for you to find your family holiday, we hope you like it.

totally family - your family holiday search site.