Orlando Travel

I have just returned from my two weeks holiday in Orlando, some horrible events occurred during this time, many you will have seen this on the news.

Naturally there may be concern about your planned holiday to Orlando and how safe will you be when you travel,

Firstly let me say that you and your family are safe and secure to travel to Florida, i have returned with my wife and two toddlers, when the shooting in Orlando happened, all parks reacted with strength and unity, ensuring that security and safety was paramount, a true show of care and concern that everyone was protected.

Over in Orlando a campaign has begun called "Orlando Proud" and thats exactly how you should feel while travelling, after not one but two unthinkable incidents, that alone would be earth shattering, happened within a matter of days, the people of Orlando have pulled together to try and make some sense of what has happened and showed spirit and unity to move forward.

I would not think twice about returning to Orlando and its caring people who reside there and wanted to speak first hand about my experience during this time.