Travel Tips in Orlando

While my family were away in Florida, we discovered a couple of great tips to make the most out of your money while away.

Firstly vouchers, we in the Uk are getting into the vouchers and discount codes, but in the USA its an art form, everywhere offers great savings, some up to 25% off, but its all about the preparation.

Many of the vouchers you have to print and take with you, the premium outlets dotted around Orlando have savings when you register on their sites, this is totally worth while as once registered you do get some amazing deals, and the stores will start knocking down that final bill immediately. 

Its also worth downloading some mobile apps, both Coupon Sherpa and Retail Me Not are really great as they have GPS positioning, so if you are near a shop with discounts, it will flash up on your mobile.

If you are wanting to use your mobile abroad for this, then have a look at Three mobile, I used my phone for both offers and as a GPS navigator for the car, I bought 12 gb of data plus unlimited text for £20, this was more than enough for a 2 week holiday.

If you are using your phone as a GPS, before you travel, go to google maps and download the area you are travelling to, this means that you will have a map offline and when connecting to your data you will only receive relevant updates as opposed to having to spend unwanted amounts of data to get this while abroad. 

Last tip, and this was really invaluable when away with the kids, during the first few days we found we were either carrying lots of water around the park that we had brought from the fridge in our villa, or spending $2 a time buying bottles of water in the parks, but a nice lady from Puerto Rico told me that at every park, they must supply anyone who asks free drinking water with ice at any of the stands.

So for the next 12 days of our holiday we had plenty of cold drinks, for free, at every park we visited. The money we saved was then spent on buying extra luggage allowance for carrying home all the shopping we bought, so it was really a case of swings and roundabouts.