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Uplands Infant School

Uplands Infant School

Address: Addenbrooke Road Smethwick West Midlands B67 6HT
Telephone: 01215 581602
URN: 103962 Local Area: Sandwell
Level: Community School Ages 5 - 7 Gender: Mixed
Religion: Does not apply

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Uplands Infant School School Holidays

Uplands Infant School School holiday dates

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Sorry, we cant find any school holiday information for this school. We will update this page shortly, please check back again soon.

Uplands Infant School holiday dates are reference only

Uplands Infant School holiday dates are taken from data sourced from the West-Midlands council.

Totally Family make every effort to ensure that Uplands Infant School holiday information is correct.The Department for Education discourage holidays taken during term - time, as they believe it can have a detrimental impact on your child's education, Government guidelines and legislation have been put into place to ensure pupil attainment and fines can be levied to parents over absences or truancy. Due to this legislation we always recommend that you check with Uplands Infant School before booking your next family holiday.